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Category Archives: Human Nature

Can’t Buy Me Refinement

Merely surrounding oneself with, or acquiring the trappings of refinement or culture does not impart either.
— Peter Berg
Refinement, culture and education are characteristics which cannot simply be bought. Just as having a gourmet meal catered does not make one an expert chef, similarly acquiring cultural objects or “refined” articles does not magically impart their owner […]

Small, Medium, Large

Eleanor Roosevelt once said “Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.”
So true. It’s important not only to focus on thinking about ideas larger than oneself, but also to understand that it’s usually a waste of time to worry too much about what anyone thinks of you.
The people who are gossiping […]

Predicting Events

Humans are notoriously bad at accurately predicting future outcomes, especially if the prediction involves low-probability events. For example, many people would estimate the likelihood of a major terrorist attack to be significantly higher than it actually is (assuming the “actual” probability is calculated based on the most current available data).
In general, people are much better […]